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How are the other Wolves teams doing?

By JWHC, 11/11/18, 12:00PM EST


Sometimes when you are with your own team you wonder how the rest of the Wolves family is doing. The Wolves have worked hard at getting better at our great sport. They have all developed and have created friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Below is a quick up date on all the teams so far:

The Wolves have had a tremendous season to date:

The Bantam(A) Grey team is 19-4-1 on the season (9-0 in the NJYHL and 10-3 in the EJEPL). 1 loss in the last 16 games. The Bantam(B) Navy team is 10-6-1 (8-0-1 in the NJYHL). Only 1 goal against in their last 3 starts.

The Pee-Wee Wolves are 5-5 in the NJYHL. Playing hard and working on learning to play a complete game. The Wolves Squirts are 1-2-1 in the NJYHL and really developing their individual skills and coming together as a  team. The Midget short season has just ended. The U16 Wolves finished 7-8-5 and had a great season together.  A few more puck bounces and 7 wins could have easily been 12.  The U18 team played in a high level league in the EJEPL struggled against some very good competition, but worked extremely hard, got ready for their high school team and finished the season on high note.